With Son of Scoregasm now out on Vita and Steam, i’ve been working on fixing any bugs that have appeared/been found by people, and adding or improving features that have proven problematic.

In the recent updates, i’ve improved controller support on PCs, fixed a small bug with some of the achievements/trophies being set incorrectly and a bunch of other smaller fixes to help improve compatibility.

I’ve also addressed the main criticism i’ve been getting; the game’s difficulty. While i’m happy with the difficulty in general, i can see that a lot of folks have been having trouble and to that end i’ve added an easier difficulty mode and made the difficulty of the level changeable on the level profile screen, both for easy access and to make it more apparent you can change it. Hopefully this will make a lot of people who’ve been struggling with the game happy :)

This update is available now on Steam and itch. Steam and the itch app will probably already have downloaded it for you, but if you manually downloaded the game from itch you will have to do so again.

I’m hoping to get these changes out for the Vita this year as well, though it depends on how quickly Sony can get to checking it over. Watch this space!


So what’s coming up for Son of Scoregasm? First of all i’m intending to get the Playstation 4 version out early next year. The game is fully functional but needs a little more work to ensure everything is operating smoothly and looking it’s best. Ideally i’d like to get it into Sony’s QA team by the end of the year, though this will depend on how busy they are and any last minute bugs i find.

On the PC side, the game will be updated to add new features as i add them on PS4. I’d really like to get a decent anti-aliasing method into the game along with re-adding some of the post-processing effects that are lying dormant in the code. I had to turn them off to get it ready for release.

I’d really love to be able to bring back the challenge levels from the original Scoregasm too. These were fun little mini-game inspired alternative game modes that you could unlock on each level in the game and i think they really added a lot of extra fun to that game.

Hopefully, Son of Scoregasm will sell OK and i’ll be able to afford the time to get these challenge stages into it. I’m really pleased with the design of the levels in Son of Scoregasm and have been really happy that it’s been picked up so positively by reviewers so far. I’d really LOVE to add more levels, so if you can help spread the word about the game, please do!

Gratuitous Sales pitch

So yeah, with all that said, please buy a copy of my game! I’ll pop a few review links below so you don’t just have to take my word for it. You can use one of the widgets beneath them to buy a copy on Steam or itch, and i’ll link to the Playstation stores too. The itch version is the DRM free one, but you also get a Steam code and i earn a little more money if you buy it from there, though the choice is yours :)

Review links

Air Entertainment - ” it’s fun, it’s challenging and it’s great for quick-fix gaming” - 8 out of 10

Nintendo Review - “The variety is a sheer joy to behold and destroy” 4 out of 5

Save or Quit -“this one is special”

Popzara - ” genius design that keeps things fresh”

Store Links

European Playstation Store Link

US Playstation Store Link

See you on the highscores!

Cheers Charlie