I’m delighted to announce that Son of Scoregasm is now available on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs on both Steam and itch.io.

It’s been a long time coming due to various life things, but i’m really happy to have finally got this out of the door and into your hands.

shoulder cat

The game is a refinement of the orignal Scoregasm, with a new score mechanic and plenty of variety in the levels to keep you on your toes. There are more routes through the game now, and more endings (and biscuits) than before.

There’s also global high-score tables for each individual level (and a score attack mode) to help you practice you killer score strats and plan the best route through the game.

I’m pretty pleased with it, especially watching friends play during development and not being able to stop until they’d finished the next level. It’s pretty addictive!

I hope you like it!

Use one of the widgets below to get a copy of the game. The itch.io version includes a Steam code.

Canny folks will also notice there’s a few other ways of buying the game, including the Soundtrack Bundle, the Multiple Scoregasm bundle and also a discount option for owners of the original game on itch.io.

shoulder cat

There’s a few things on the roadmap for the game in the next few month too, as i contnue to work on the game and add new features and options. The itch and steam tools for pushing builds make it super easy for me to iterate and update the game as things get added. I’ll make a roadmap post soon.

That’s not the end though, as there’s a version of the game in the works for Playstation 4 which is nearing the end of development. I hope to have this ready to go early next year.