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As the title of this post suggests, DEATHBASE 900,000,000 is indeed coming to PS Vita soon! It’ll be released shortly after Son of Scoregasm.

If you don’t know, DEATHBASE 900,000,000 has been a pet project of mine for a little while now. It’s a fun collect-em-up that pays a noisy, neon homage to Solar Fox on the Atari VCS, an excellent twitch game (which is playable online here).

The game is available now on PC platforms (windows, mac, penguin) over at, and for the Vita version i’m planning on various improvements to the levels to add more variety, adding tropies/achievements and whatever i can do to make it better than ever. Of course, the PC versions will be kept up to date too.

At present, the Vita version is identical to the PC versions, with the added bonus of it being much more fun on a handheld. I think it really suits this type of game and the Vita’s incredible screen make the glowy vectors really pop! The video above was recorded direct from the Vita devkit, FYI.

So in summary, i’m going to be SUPER busy over the summer, with Son of Scoregasm immenent on Vita, as well as Steam and itch shortly thereafter and this as well. It’s great to be finally getting stuff out! I’ll try to update the blog and keep you all up to date as best i can.

Oh, and there’s another announcement to come before too long, but i’ll keep you guessing for now….

Cheers Charlie