I’ve not mentioned Son of Scoregasm for a while here on the blog (though i do post small updates on Twitter), so i thought i’d take this opportunity to let you all know where the game is in terms of being released.

So, basically, it’s finished! I’m just sanity checking things this week before handing it over to Sony to make sure it’s up to standard. This process, i understand, can be a little back and forth between myself and them until things work in the right way, though as the game doesn’t make heavy use of the PS Vita’s functions there’s not tooooooo much that can go horribly wrong (i hope!).

After that, well, aside from getting marketing media and videos/imagery i need to sell the game online, there’s not a great deal left. I’m looking to release as soon as i possibly can on Vita.

Once the Vita version is out, i’ll be free to get the PC versions ready. As usual, it’ll launch on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms on both Steam and itch.io. It’s really exciting to know it’s this close to launch.

One thing i do need a little help with is getting the text for the store pages on the Vita translated into other languages. This needs to be done in order for the game to be available in countries that use that language. Unfortunately, as Son of Scoregasm has been written on a tiny budget (on account of me being poor) i can’t afford to get this done professionally. To that end, if you can speak/write another language and you’d like to help me translate the game you can head over to this google spreadsheet and add a translation. I can’t offer you much by way of compensation other than copies of the game and my back catalogue if you’d like them.

Anyhow, that’s pretty much the state of play at present. I’m really happy with how the game plays and i hope once it’s released you guys will like it too!

Cheers Charlie