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I’ve recently put a new update to DEATHBASE 900,000,000 up on If you’ve bought a copy of the game you’ll be able to download it from there or via the itch app if you use that. Here’s a video of the new build in action:

This update includes a number of new things, fixes and improvements, including: Mac support (requires os x 10.11), grid deformation, fixed controller mappings so they’re no longer wrong, fixed bouncy shuriken enemies so they move properly added multiple language support, more particles, online scores, save data etc. are now threaded, stability improvements, app support for linux and mac.

Also a big thank you to those of you who helped translate the game into different languages. Unfortunately, i can seem to work out who did what from the google spreadsheet, but you know who you are. Please let me know if it was you or how i can find out from the spreadsheet if that’s even possible. ( spreadsheet link)

There’s also a PS Vita version working here, and i’m hopeful i’ll be able to get that released shortly after Son of Scoregasm finally hits. Fingers crossed!

If you’d like to buy a copy of the game (and you should, it’s fun!) you can do so via the widget below.

See you on the highscores!

Cheers Charlie