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Thanks to everyone who’s grabbed a copy of DEATHBASE 900,000,000 in the last few weeks, you’re all super cool!

It’s currently free for the next few hours, so if you’ve not tried it yet, get on it!

DEATHBASE is the game i’ve been using to test a cross platform programming framework i’ve been writing on and off lately. Part of that framework is the ability to have the game’s text in multiple different languages, which is cool because i’d love to be able for more people to play (and understand) my games.

Unfortunately for me, i can’t speak (let alone write) in any other language than English, so i thought i’d throw this open to the masses and see if any kind folks who’d like to see more games translated to their native tounge would like to help out.

So, if you feel like you’d like to help, check out the link below:

Translations spreadsheet

If you do add a new language (you can add whatever one you like!), please let me know either via email or on Twitter (i’m @charliesgames) so i know who you are!

Have fun!

Cheers Charlie