If you’d like to buy a physical copy of one of my games, you can get one here!

I hand paint every disc and case myself so each one is unique. I paint a little number on the inside cover so you know which one you’ve got. The cases are made from recycled digipack cases (old CD/DVD cases i don’t want/are rubbish or i’ve bought from charity shops etc.). There are a few examples of these pictured below.

shoulder cat

Do the pictures have anything to do with the games?


Why not?

I’m not terribly motivated by the thought of painting the same picture over and over again. Plus it’s more fun this way!

What do you use to make the CDs?

The cases are recycled digipacks (card with a plasic tray inside), the discs are CDrs. I like using acrylic paint (i’m mostly too impatient for oil colours) and occasionally use ink as well. Once i’ve finished i coat the case and disc with with a matt varnish with protects the paint and provides protection from UV light.

Depending on what i’m working on/towards, the nature of the pictues and media used will change. At the time of writing i’m enjoying over-painting newspaper and magazine pictures and making them look a bit creepy.

shoulder cat

What is on the CDs?

Each one contains a copy of the game for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, along with any other associated stuff (soundtracks, press pictures, guides etc.).

The disc is all lumpy and there is varnish on the bottom. Is it safe to put in my computer?

Absolutely not! Doing so would likely damage you disc drive as the paint and varnish add extra weight which may burn out your motor and scuff off the paint on the disc and ruin it. The disc comes with a download code for all the disc contents which is much easier to do, especially if your computer doesn’t have a disc drive.

I’ve just bought a game. How long will it take to arrive?

I will be doing these to order on a first come first serve basis. I will let you know via email how long your game/games will likely take to make and ship, or you can drop me an email/message on Twitter and i can let you know there. Typically, i’d guess that if i’m not too busy i’ll be able to ship inside of a couple of days.

How are the discs sent?

I wrap the cases in bubble wrap and put them in a jiffy bag to make sure they get to you in good order. Where possible, i’ll use tracked/recorded delivery so you can see where your package is.

How much is postage?

It’s free for mainland UK with an additional charge for international orders. Sorry about that, but it’s the cheapest way I can get stuff to you safely. Make sure you select the right option on the purchase button below.

The pictures aren’t very nice, are they?

Not especially at present, though this might change as i start working on different things.

How do I buy one

If you’d like one of these, you can click the buy button below. Please let me know either in the Paypal comments box or via an email after you’ve made your purchase which game you’d like.

Chose delivery

If you want more information or have any questions etc. you can contact me via email here: (I’m charlie@charliesgames.com).