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Scoregasm is an incredible, variety rich shooter. Set in a non-linear galaxy, you can choose your own path through the game. Explore new levels and blast a diverse range of enemies to smithereens as you make your way to the game's multiple endings!

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John's Awesome Soundtrack available via BandCamp

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Contains first five set of levels: Windows Installer - Windows Zip - Mac - Linux(32bit)


"a gaming experience of incredible refinement." - Electron Dance

"a really extraordinary looking shoot-em-up" - Rock, Paper shotgun

"there's so much variety in enemy and boss battles and it's frantically action-packed throughout." -

"slick, highly polished, and it's packed with creative and interesting levels" - DIYgamer

"Scoregasm is one of the best indie titles I've played this year" - Gaming Daily

"a near-constant sense of satisfaction that builds as the gameplay intensifies" 4/5 - GamePro - site dead so archive link

"It turns a routine, of shooting alien spaceships, into a sight to see." - Kill Screen

"Scoregasm's brilliance lies in it's reckless innovation" -

"Scoregasm is, honestly, fucking brilliant." - Rob F.

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Scoregasm was written by Charlie's Games 2011-2012. For more info, more games and other cool stuff please visit the official site

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